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I'm Free!

Wow! I'm done with Biology. Whew! This class has been so hard. I am just not scientifically minded.

It was very interesting to learn about cells and specifically about cancer. The most useful thing though was to understand cell metabolism. I had more than one opportunity to need what I was learning within the last eight weeks. I read a book about hormones and the difference in drug patented hormones and normal hormones.(What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause by John R. Lee MD) It was an Ah ha moment. Now I know what happened to me when I took that Depro Provera shot after having Megan. It really threw me for a loop! My hubby would agree~ I was loopy~!
And I understand my son's diagnosis and why he looks yellow at times. It's amazing how God puts us in the right timing. I could not have understood all this before this class, and in a few weeks I will have forgotten most of it and would not have understood it. I thought I was procrasinating.... Really I just wasn't ready! I am glad I applied myself on this subject even though I thought it was not useful. It was hard to understand but very useful. Some of it I'm still fuzzy on (ok ALOT of it I'm still VERY fuzzy on).
Praise God for his wonderful timing on something that might seem so insignificant!
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