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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Series- John R Lee MD

It's a good thing I read this in the middle of my Biology class.
In the series of books that begin What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About... by Dr. John R.  Lee, he explains hormones, breast cancer, menopause, and pre-menopause, generally how hormones effect so much of our lives and daily activities. While there is plenty of good information even without a biology class, it was great to read it while learning about the very things he described. These books contains lists of symptoms arranged so you can diagnose your hormone problems better than your doctor. Sure enough my doctor's only option was to put me on the pill to regulate my fluctuating hormones. Dr Lee explains the dangers of patented hormones and why so called "natural" is not always better. His definition of natural blocks hormones that do not naturally occur in a woman's body (like those found in horse urine). He explains the balancing act of estrogen and progesterone and why synthetic hormones cause so much havoc in our bodies. He also explains the problem with xenoestrogens, which are false chemical estrogens abundant in today's chemical laden environment. (I can't wait to replace my carpet with wood floors now!)
Dr John Lee's series of books What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About... are great books, a must read for every thirty-something or older woman!
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