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Chicks update and other stuff that keeps me busy!

My word! The chicks are growing so fast! I can hardly keep up the food and water fast enough. We made a cute coop that looks like a covered wagon without wheels. I added my BFF's three chickens too. Nine is too many so I will soon be advertising the presumed rooster on craigslist and at least two more.
Just to add another project we have good news to announce!
We are adding another daughter to our home! Our new foreign exchange student, a 16 year old girl from Kuwait will be joining our family in August! Are so excited we can hardly stand it! I will be updating with more information after she arrives later this summer! I am also now working as a YES cluster director which means I am looking for host families for three students who will be attending Kennewick schools. This is going to be a busy and exciting year!

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