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King George Is Back!

Time for a new Declaration of Independence. We have discovered that George Bush is really another King George. I cannot begin to express my disappointment with President Bush. These bailouts were unconstitutional from the beginning, and now Bush seems determined to defy the power of the legislature and bailout the automakers (Actually the unions) anyway. He is ripping our constitution to shreds!
These politicians are destroying our futures in a vain attempt to "save" us from ourselves. Who do they think they are? Gods? I am so angry that I cannot even discuss this or watch it on the news. I only have to imagine the worst thing that could happen and POOF it happens! UGH!
The most frustrating thing for me is to see that so many people are so asleep that they do not understand what all these things mean. That is the only way that Washington DC is getting away with this. Too many people don't understand what this is, how it is horrendously unconstitutional and how it threatens our future and the future of our children. Even many of those who are paying attention are so afraid of the collapse that the hysterical talking heads are watching for that they are selling our freedoms and our children's future for their own security now.
Watching this has so depressed me that I can't even describe the feelings and thoughts that I am experiencing.
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