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Those Tolerant GLBT folks!

Because of the high number of comments submitted on this story that contain threats or references to violence, no more comments will be posted on this story.

This was the quote from Deseret News after this story was reported.
Substance mailed to LDS Church not toxic

And here is a picture of the tolerant folks who don't like Mormons since Prop 8 failed at the polls in California.

Though opponents of Prop. 8 who seek for same-sex marriage tout that they are the movement of tolerance, their actions mark them as hypocrites, as they send the message through protests, property vandalism and singling out donors for vilification that anybody getting in their way had better watch out. Payback and punishment will follow for those who have exercised their right of political expression to support traditional marriage.

This, of course, is designed to inhibit and terrorize anyone who opposes redefining marriage, chilling not only discussion of the issues, but political opposition altogether. At the very least, those who support that marriage is between a man and a woman are labeled hateful and bigoted.

Businesses are being targeted for boycotts because an employee supported Prop 8 and professionals have been forced to resign jobs of 25 years and . Temples have had to be closed for fear of the safety of those entering. All this courtesy of the folks who want to teach us tolerance.

No thanks, I'll pass.....
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