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Quit Pushing Your Politics On My Religion!

Many leftists and their lemmings are all whipped up about the separation of church and state. They consistently tell us that the Constitution separates religion from politics. I agree politics should stay out of my religion. If my religious values tell me I ought to pray at school, the government should get out of my way. If my religion says I ought to be chaste before marriage and faithful after marriage, the schools (aka. government) should not pressure me otherwise. If my religious values say that life is precious and ought not be taken in the womb or at old age, the government should not take my tax dollars to support these practices, nor should they compel me to dispense life taking medications and instructions for suicide. If my religious values say that homosexual sex is contrary to God's laws, I should not be threatened for believing and acting on those beliefs.
When other religious values clash with mine, the government should remain neutral. The government needs to stay out of my religion. I don't want the government threatening me to conform to the trends of the day or else risk prosecution. The government should be defending my ability to act on my beliefs.
Marriage has been a religious institution for centuries. Government got involved to keep records of marriages, and eventually to create a contract that was legally binding in the interests of society. Society is tangled with this institution because it is the foundation for civil order. Without healthy and orderly families, we cannot have a healthy and orderly society, and the next generation brings chaos. Any wonder why crime has spiraled to new heights lately? Anybody checked the family situation in America lately? Anyone who pays even the least bit of attention knows that crime stems from hurt children in chaotic families. Chaotic families do not have healthy marriages. Now of course there are exceptions, even when marriages were somewhat stable, we had crime. But as marriages and families have been torn apart we have also seen our societal order torn apart.
We see that politics is increasingly poking its nose in family and religious affairs. Family planning, school sex ed, school lunch programs, administering child support orders, welfare, health insurance, day care, abortions, and religious speech being morphed into discrimination and hate speech are all areas of family and religious responsibility. Agitators for the "nanny state" and the "do what makes you feel good" ideas are pushing their political views on my family and religious views.
The most blatant example is the gay "rights" agenda. They want to distort what marriage means all in the name of civil rights. But they are not happy to just have the rights, they want the word. In several states, including my own and California, gay couples already have these legal rights as a civil union. This is not enough. They want to poke their noses into my religious values by changing the meaning of the word marriage in order to elevate their lifestyle to the normal and beneficial marriage of centuries. Because of recent trends in other places that have accepted this practice and definition we have a legitimate right to be concerned that making this religious value into a political issue is a threat to our religious freedoms.
I'm sick of hearing that the LDS church is pushing its religion on a state. That state and its agitators are pushing their politics on my religion!
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