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Old Friends

I've lived in lots of places.
I have recently been thinking about old friends. Having moved around so much I have accumulated a lot of friendships that I have had to leave. In Texas it was Marie. In Nevada it was Tiffany, and Montse. In Washington it was Lisa and Kelly. Some I can't even remember anymore. Sad.
Not everyone keeps in touch. I'm not known for it either. It is so hard to do when you aren't part of their everyday lives. What do you talk about? Only old stuff.
I do have a couple friends that I have been able to keep in touch with on a more intimate level. These are the people I can talk with about anything. They are open-minded and like to talk about everything. They want to keep in touch with others around them. I find that the busier I am the less able I am to keep in touch. In fact busyness keeps me from even keep up with my new friends that are right in my neighborhood.
Thanks heavens for email and the internet. It is so much easier to visit with friends. We can look at pictures, read blogs,and emails, and feel like we are more a part of what is going on. We can see each others kids grow up and hear about their progress. Hard to imagine how much time has passed sometimes.
I am so glad to be able to drop in on old friends and quietly see them again.
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