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Home Sweet Idaho

I went to Idaho last week. It was so great. I wish I had more time to stay.
My Grandma seemed to really appreciate that I wanted to know so many things about her life. We went to a cemetery near her childhood home and took A LOT of pictures of headstones. When I have time I need to put them on a spread sheet. I found Cleverly's, Davies', Howard's, Tirrell's, and more. My aunt went with us. Here's my Great Grandma and Grandpa Davies headstone:
I loved her dearly. She was a Cleverly.
I got to have lunch with two sisters, and visit one afternoon with one of them later. (Her little boy is SOOO Adorable!)

The day after I got there we went to my Grandpa's oldest sister's funeral and I got to meet many of his 11 brothers and sisters. He had a tape that was made years ago of all of them talking. It was awesome to listen to. I visited another aunt on my bio dad's side, and a great aunt on my mother's mother's side. My grandpa taught Nick to weld and they made a cowboy and an owl.
I got to stay at my mom's cabin at Palisades too. I got to see a sister that lives in Kansas and her family and a niece too. We had a not birthday dinner and I got to see my uncle and aunt (whose not birthday it was) and two cousins.
All around it was a good trip and I go to see lots of people. I felt like I learned alot about my heritage. I interviewed my parents and both grandparents. I taped some of the funeral too. I took lots of pictures. Here is a picture of the house my grandparents rented the first year they were married.

It was a trip that filled my very empty bucket.

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