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When Will Women Get A CLUE!

Sometimes, I am ashamed to be a woman. One of those times just happened.

I love Taco Bell. The crunch wraps are addictive, besides, they have these cute saying on the sauce packets now. It’s amusing. I went to Taco Bell today and got some cute sauce packets. The hot packets were a great shade of purple (I love purple) but the saying on the packet was just a website. I had a feeling I better preview this website since my kids will certainly want to see what it is when they see the packets.

Well it’s a website that allows you to be a director for a photo shot with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. So our children are now lured to a website that lets them direct a bikini clad babe while romping on some beach or yacht. Now I’m sure they will say that this is for adults. But does that make it any better? Do I want my husband doing this? NO!

When are women going to get a clue and see that this type of sexual behavior is not real power. It is in fact the giving away of our femininity to creep leering men and the corruption of our youth. These women may think that they are getting something in return but all they are doing is losing respect for all women. Women who willingly “bare all” and think that the money makes it all worth it are instead finding that they are more miserable, and they get no respect from men. Why should they? If you give up the main source of your power you are going to get trampled! Unfortunately, many other women also get trampled.

Marriages are destroyed, children are left in divorce limbo and other women are abandoned or mistreated by men who are chasing the swimsuit model ideal woman. When they find her are they going to respect her? NO! They only want one thing from her. (You know what that is!) Who wins? Even men are damaged by this circle. They aren’t happy with a swimsuit model? They are deeper creatures than that. They miss out on a loving committed family and the joy that comes from that circle.

The pimps of pornography think they are winning too, since they are getting richer than Solomon by peddling this filth. But they suffer to. Corruptly earned money, from the backs of addictions, will never bring happiness.

I sometimes get so disgusted with women. But I have to remember that they are a product of this corrupt society too. Now many of them had no father? When are we going to get a clue that families are the answer to all our societal ills. Universal heath care will not solve it. Reducing Co2 emissions will not solve it, sex education will definitely not solve it. Women’s Studies only makes it worse. And Taco Bell’s sauce packet pimping adds to the spread of this fatal attraction!

HELLO! Am I in the twilight zone?


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