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Legacy of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a persistent man. He was wrong in his assessment that the world was smaller than then thought, but his persistence and adventurous spirit left a lasting legacy of exploration to last for centuries. Although our textbook states that he believed he had found Asia when he died, another source, The World Almanac Encyclopedia cites his journal from the third voyage as saying he had found a new world. “At the mouth of the Orinoco River he led a party ashore. In his logbook he wrote that he had found a "New World," unknown as yet to Europeans.”
Columbus established colonies on every voyage he led. While none of them survived he led the way in showing that the land was desirable and full of trade resources that the Europeans wanted. Columbus also revolutionized cartography. He explored the Caribbean and contributed to the understanding of the true makeup of our Earth. Columbus was the first to do another act that later became popular among Europeans, that is to convert the natives to Christianity. It was truly a clash of civilizations when the Europeans met the natives of these lands. Unfortunately they did not try to befriend them, preferring instead to dominate them. This was a struggle for all the nations who later tried to claim the lands Columbus discovered.
I am truly in awe of Christopher Columbus’ amazing spirit of exploration. If he had not been so persistent who knows when these wonderful lands we call home would have ever been discovered. I believe that he was inspired by God.
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