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Have Men lost their Manhood?

This whole Taco Bell / Sports Illustrated model thing has me thinking. Do men really need any help these days getting…….  shall we say, “in the mood”?
With all the marketing of Viagra and pornography ranging from Victoria Secret to Playboy or worse, are men losing their manly desires? I’m just asking…… Why do they need to much “help” these days? Seems to me that God made them plenty easy to…[achem]…. arouse. So what has happened to them that requires all this aid in that area?  Why all the concern over ED?

Could it be that our culture is killing the “loving desire” right out of men? Could it be that men are really deeper than we think and need loving committed relationships too? (Gasp!) Could it be that appealing to their baser desires is hurting them?

Whoa. You won’t likely get men to admit a weakness like that, but I think by now……….. It’s kinda obvious……

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