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Book review of textbok for HIST 362

It’s Your Misfortune and None of My Own; A New History of the American West by Richard White ought to be called European Atrocities of the Dependent Greedy American West: Persecution of every minority under the western sun, (except Mormons), Complete with razor blades to slash your wrists when you realize what a horrid country you live in!
Part One: Evil Spanish Explorers; Virtuous Indians
Part Two: Evil Americans: Dependent, Collectivist, Racist, Greedy, Earth Destroying, Westerners (And don’t forget the Evil Dictator BrighamYoung)
Part Three: Greedy Americans Persecute, Enslave and Kill Minorities and Destroy the Environment (And don’t forget those Anti-American Mormons)
Part Four: American Government Saves the Earth from Loggers and Miners, but Still Persecutes Minorities
Part Five: Depression and WWII and FDR Saves America, while Subsidizing the racist West
Part Six: The Backward Hypocritical American West; Fights Civil Rights; New Minorities and all that Regan Individualism is a Big Fat MYTH!
Epilogue: Still haven’t entered deep depression? Here ya go!

The agenda of this book is not even veiled. Revisionist historians no longer attempt to sneak their views into our textbooks. They are blatant. By the time I got through this book I was fighting depression. The continual pounding of how evil Europeans were to minorities and the earth and how dependent the west was on others are so one sided that it would make you laugh if you weren’t so depressed. The books assertions about my own heritage, Mormons, was so blatantly false and full of easily discredited rumors, that I couldn’t help doubting the rest of the book. The author purposely leaves out any positive history that might interfere with his hard hitting negativism about America and its history. It makes me wonder why these kinds of historians, who hate America and her history, are so interested in history. It’s an oxymoron. Why would they love a subject that runs down their own heritage? What drives them to such works? Is it a sick perversion of pursuing truth? How can this kind of negativism drive someone? I don’t understand it. Why don’t they go into a field they can love? Can it really be that they love running down America? Do they get up each morning with new ideas for how they can debunk another evil American value? What kind of dark prism are they looking through? What misery.Man, I feel so sorry for these people.
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