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What Happened to Win-Win Situations?

By MoMnmb
Lately I am tired. Tired of argument all around me. I get it from my TV, my newspaper, my teenagers, even my dog sometimes argues with me.

On the news so called "debate" immediately decends into the ridiculous. Pundits no longer know how to answer a question or point. It's all about talking over the opponent and getting your message repeated as many times as possible. No matter if it is a bald-faced lie, just get it said over and over and over until folks can't help but believe it. And just try to get a letter to the editor published that doesn't tow the PC line. Won't happen....
It's so childish. At least when my dog argues with me we both win. I get him to do as I want, and he gets petted.

What ever happened to honest debate and reason? What ever happened to the win/ win situation?
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