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There's (blogger) life out there!

By MoMnmb
So, I've discovered a host of great blogs out there! It all started when a friend introduced me to a site and she had a list of other blogs she liked. That got me hooked and I have been reading blogs all morning (instead of my school work!) I'm addicted and I love it! At some point I'd like to add a list of other blogs out there too! But I have to decide how to narrow it down first!
There are some very talented women out there. One thing I always hated most about leaving communities to go to the next Naval Air Station, was not getting to see my friends families and their children grow up! I thought Id never get to see the kids until I (maybe) got a wedding invitation! Now I can see their whole family blossom. I have been reluctant to share too much information on my blog about my personal life but I love seeing it on others, so I am going to try "getting more personal" from now on. I'm !so !excited! Can! you! tell?!?!
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