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Curiosity Cured the Kids

No matter what they say, schools don’t care about our kids. No system can care about the individual. And groups are made up of individuals. Evidence of this is all around. The schools don’t care that kids are grossed out by sex and sexual topics so what do they do? Teach them about it against their will. Why? Because it’s good for them. Of course, this is ridiculous. What’s good for them is to be able to learn it when they are ready and they ask, but that is a very individual thing. In a system, we can’t serve individual needs. We must subject all students to the needs of its lowest level. But use any subject. When humans want to learn something there is no stopping them, (just ask communist nations) learning things faster and more thoroughly than any system or teacher could teach it. This threatens the job security of the folks in the industry.
Have a conversation with any school apologist and get the gobbledygook treatment. You will be told that parents aren’t equipped to teach academics, and teachers are. However, take a look at any education certification course requirements and see that what is taught is systems. You won’t see anything that addresses the individual child’s needs. They also do not take classes that serve to make them experts on anything except how to motivate the resentful child sitting in their classroom to test well, so they look good to the jobs system and have bragging rights. All they end up doing is teaching kids how to fool others into thinking they have knowledge, and how to take orders. We are “educating” the individuality and entrepreneurship right out of our upcoming generations.
Again the individual cannot be served in a system. Systems are at heart meant to serve the average or the neediest one of the bunch. Families are meant to serve individuals. Families therefore threaten the system. If families can do the job better, why don’t we use them? Well I don’t think it’s all the fault of the schools, after all if parents would not let them take their kids we wouldn’t have a school system. Many parents, products of this same type of education, like getting rid of their kids everyday for the majority of the day, and many even complain that school isn’t long enough because they haven’t gotten home from work yet. They want school to be synonymous with daycare.
But recently many parents are opting out of this system. Home school has been a huge success and puts the public school system to shame. Will the schools change? I don’t think they can. I think families must change. Parents must demand that they are in charge of the education of their children. Government is not better than us. It isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and even some money (although not nearly as much as the government wastes!). It is a blood, sweat and tears endeavor. Whatever we use to educate our kids, and there is an overwhelming amount of choices out there, we need to be in charge. And at some point kids need to take responsibility for their own education. Parents can’t force the kids to learn any more than the schools can. But I think that kids will be far more eager to learn if they were never subjected to schools in the first place. They certainly would be more curious.
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